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Where Is the Love of God?


시편 89:28-89:52

오늘의 찬양

찬송가 471 장

내게 주는 교훈

Who is God like?
Vv. 30-32 God cannot accept sin. Even though he promised he would keep David’s descendants on the throne, but he did not overlook the sins committed by David’s descendants. This was because the king must rule over his kingdom, as God’s representative, according to the will of God. So must we. Though I confess Jesus as my Savior, God punishes me when I do not obey the commandments of the Lord.
Vv. 33-37 God keeps his covenant. In spite of man’s mistakes and rebellion, God will fulfill all he has promised to fulfill. Have you altered the word of God or belittled its importance? Do you ignore God’s command because it pertains to the future and is not directly affecting anything happening right now? Am I busy trying to protect myself because I cannot fully trust the promise of God? As God is faithful, am I faithfully keeping the promises I have made?
Vv. 38-45 God in sovereignty rules the history of all men. Why is a king anointed and set up by God, then defeated in battle, losing his kingship and even his life? The psalmist thinks that in such cases, God is angry with the king and has broken the covenant. Even though non-believers have a successful life, believers are laid off, get serious diseases, lose their children, or die suddenly. Are these all from God’s wrath? Did God forsake me? We don’t know the reasons for all these things. But we can be sure that everything is in God’s control.


Let me see everything that happens to me as from God’s perspective. I will rely on God alone.