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The People Who Serve at the Temple


역대상 23:1-23:32


What lesson is God teaching me?
Vv. 6-23- David has the Gershonites, Kohathites, and Merarites from the tribe of Levi divided into 24 groups and had them work in the temple and in giving offerings. Has your community divided up work for the pastors and those who help the worship service so that it can reach the best results? Check to see if one person is carrying most of the burden in doing God’s work by him or herself.
Vv. 24-27- David lowered the working age of the Levites who worked in the temple to 20 years old from where Moses set it at 30 years old (Nu 4:3) and 25 years old (Nu 8:24). This was because there were not that many Levites that could fulfill the duties in temple worship. From the time the people entered Canaan and in the time of the judges, there was discord in the faith of those who gave worship to God and they became weak so the role of the Levites was lessened. David was met with great anger from God when he tried to move the Ark of the Covenant without the Levites (chapter 13) and he searched the entire country to reorganize the work of the Levites (chapter 15). We need to nurture people in our community so that the next group of leaders who carry out the work of faith will be great in number and strength.
Vv. 28-32- The descendents of Levi worked in helping the duties of the descendents of Aaron who were the high priests (v. 13). The Levites had to work hard at cleaning, cooking and preparing the sacrifice, praising in the morning and in the evening and many others things. It was a burden that they had to forever bear. But it was because of their devotion and hard work that the temple worship could carry on well. How are you serving and helping in your church worship? Even if you may not be recognized, bear the burden happily so that it is something that you would not mind doing forever.


Prayer- Thank you for making me a glorious place to worship and allowing me to enjoy peace.