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A Prophecy Against Foreign Nations


에스겔 25:1-25:17

내게 주는 교훈

God charged His people with sin, and Ezekiel declared God’s judgment on them (chapters 1-24). Now the scene has changed and speaks about the judgment that God will bring upon the neighboring nations (chapters 23-32). Moreover, a prophecy against Ammon, Moab, Edom, and Philistia is declared.

Who is God like?
Entire Passage- He not only judges His people but the neighboring nations, and makes people of all nations acknowledge His authority. When God judges the foreign nations, their gods will not be able to save them. It is because only God has the authority to save people from judgment. God establishes nations out of goodness, and He can also destroy them. Is God’s sovereign power reaching every part of your life?

What lesson is God teaching me?
Verses 3-7- Ammon hurt Israel since the time of Judges (Jdg 10:6-11:33), and it enjoyed seeing Judah harassed by others. Instead of being sad about the tragedy that fell upon Israel, it was happy, clapping its hands and stomping its feet (v. 6). In the end, Ammon will be met with an even greater judgment than Judah. Let us only look upon those who have fallen because of sin with the eyes of love that God looks at them with. Also, if there is someone who makes things hard for us or quietly enjoys our suffering, let us leave them up to God’s judgment and wrath (Ro 12:20).
Verses 12-14- Edom was a close relative of Israel (Nu 20:14, 15; Ps 23:7, 8), but when it saw its brother Judah being attacked by neighboring nations because of God’s judgment, it saw this as an opportunity for its own gain (Ob 1:11-14). Edom probably thought that it was getting revenge on Judah for the things Judah did to it in the past. But now God will avenge it.


I leave those who mistreat me and scorn me up to the God of justice.