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Confession and Denial


마가복음 14:53-14:72


Who is God like?
Verses 60-65- Jesus met the person who sold him (14:42), and turned himself over so that the Scripture could be fulfilled (14:49). When the religious leaders fought among themselves and could not find a reason to accuse him, Jesus confessed who he really was. He intentionally gave them the evidence they needed, and took a step closer to the cross. Jesus, who will become the new temple, determined to become the sacrifice for the temple and the salvation for the new Israel, and turned himself over to the high priests.

내게 주는 교훈

What lesson is God teaching me?
Verse 54- Peter who confessed that he would follow Jesus to the death (verse 31) followed Jesus from a distance. This distance does not only mean a physical gap, but also a gap in Peter’s trust in, faith in, and understanding of the Messiah. How far away are you from Jesus? It is not enough to see Jesus from a distance and not be devoted to him. We must always be together with him.
Verses 66-72- While Jesus was revealing his nature to the chief priests and heading to the cross, Peter was denying his identity to the female slave of the chief priest. He did not regard the oath he made with Jesus, and called down curses upon himself and denied Jesus. If it was not for the promise to meet him again after the resurrection in Galilee, Peter would have been held responsible and died for the curses he had made. Let us meditate on the love of Jesus who covers our denial of him by revealing his nature.


Help me to not be devoted only with my words, but also with my actions.