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The Gift of Resurrection


요한복음 20:11-20:23

오늘의 찬양

찬송가 493 장


Who is Jesus like?

With Jesus’ resurrection, the blessed time of becoming one family with him has come.
The resurrected Jesus calls his disciples, “his brothers,” and God, “his father” and gives us this same privilege as well.
Together with Jesus who takes pride in calling sinners like us his brothers and sisters (Heb 2:11, 12)
go before the Father and enjoy the relationship of being one family.
With his resurrection Jesus brought a time of peace (Shalom) and joy. The resurrected Jesus came
to the disciples, who were trembling in fear because of his death on the cross, and proclaimed peace and allowed them to experience the joy that cannot ever be taken away (refer to 16:20-22).
What worries and concerns do you have today? Receive the gift that the resurrected Jesus is giving you. He sends the disciples who have experienced the resurrection gifts of joy and peace into the world. As the Father sent the Son into the world, Jesus sends the disciples in order to fulfill the mission of peace. We are men of peace sent by Jesus. Who will you share this amazing peace we have come to enjoy through the resurrection with?

내게 주는 교훈

What lesson is God teaching me?

Even though Jesus had resurrected, Mary was still deeply in grief. It is because she could not believe in the promise of the resurrection. Do you believe in the message of the resurrection completely?


May I, through the power of the Spirit, deliver the peace of Jesus to the people I meet today.