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It Was Accomplished with His Hand


열왕기상 8:12-8:21

오늘의 찬양

찬송가 447 장


Who is God like?
Vv. 12, 13 God keeps his promises. After witnessing how the cloud that wa=
s so thick over the temple that the priests could not work, Solomon remembe=
red that God said that he would dwell in a =A1=B0dark cloud=A1=B1 (the Most=
Holy Place filled with the cloud) and proclaimed that the temple creation =
was complete. He remembered the promise to David that =A1=B0your throne wi=
ll be established forever=A1=B1 (2 Samuel 7:16) and proclaimed that God wil=
l dwell here forever. Through meditation on the Word we can see the work o=
f the Lord happening within us and around us.
Vv. 15, 20, 21 Solomon confesses that even though he made the temple it wa=
s accomplished through the hand of God. This can only be the confession of=
a person who works according to God=A1=AFs order, God=A1=AFs way and waits=
for God=A1=AFs time. If we act according to our own will and mention it a=
s God=A1=AFs will then we can be exposed for our lie.
Vv.16-19 He completed the promise that one of David=A1=AFs descendents wil=
l build the temple (2 Samuel 7:12, 13). God calls the one to build the tem=
ple his =A1=B0son=A1=B1 and through him, the throne of David will be establ=
ished forever (2 Samuel 7:14-16). First this was achieved through Solomon,=
but because of his sin, and sins of the kings that would succeed him, the =
temple would collapse and the Israelites will be taken captive. The people=
returned from captivity to rebuild the temple but it could not recover the=
glory prophesized by the prophets. This promise can only be completed thr=
ough the coming of David=A1=AFs descendent Christ the Messiah. Jesus who w=
as called, =A1=B0my son whom I love,=A1=B1 during his baptism will die on t=
he cross and resurrect so that the temple could be rebuilt. This temple wi=
ll not be visible to the naked eye but found in the believers that God the =
king resides in.


I praise God who made the temple for my salvation.