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Those Who Were Invited and Those Who Were Chosen


마태복음 22:1-22:14

오늘의 찬양

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Who is God like?

Verses 1-6- Like an exciting marriage banquet with a feast of oxen and fattened cattle, we are invited to God’s kingdom, which is abundant in happiness and joy. He sent out this invitation in every generation of Israel through his servants (prophets) and even now through the word he is calling us to this never failing happiness and joy, trying to make a relationship with us. Are you longing for and enjoying this banquet?

Verse 7- Those who are indifferent to the invitation, the religious leaders who desire to kill Jesus and reject God’s kingdom and all their neighborhoods (Jerusalem), will be judged. How are you responding to the invitation of God that comes to you daily?
Verses 8-10- He has opened the kingdom of God for everyone. The kingdom of God goes further than just blood ties and is for everyone (prostitutes, tax collectors, and sinners alike). There will be a historical moment where the last shall come first and the first shall come last. Let us spread the good news to all without calculating whether the person is likely to believe or not.

Verses 11-14- Those who are not dressed appropriately for the party will be seen as in the same category as those who rejected the invitation. This is because the person is defiling the party and rejecting the host. If we are called without any qualification and only because of the grace of God, then our old self must die. We have the responsibility of having Jesus at the center and being dressed in righteousness. Are you following God’s kingdom and obeying him as one who has received his grace?


Help me so that I do not make excuses and put off fellowship with the Lord that is like a joyful feast.