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Love of a woman with an alabaster jar of perfume


누가복음 7:36-7:50

내게 주는 교훈

Who is Jesus like?
Vv. 37-39, 48-50 Even though Jesus knew that the woman pouring perfume on his feet was a sinner,
he accepted her sacrificial love. Though it was dangerous, he proclaimed her forgiveness in public to
restore her broken social relationships. Jesus had much to lose when he stood on the woman’s side
rather than on the Simon’s side, but he accepted her love and bold sacrifice, putting himself in danger.
This sacrificial love of Jesus, standing on the sinners’ side, gives us life.
What lesson is God teaching me?
Vv. 40-43 The commitment of this woman displayed her extreme gratefulness for forgiveness. Maybe
it was not their first meeting, and this woman may have already experienced forgiveness from Jesus.
The mixed feeling of thanksgiving for the forgiving grace and sorrow over the way Jesus was treated
impelled her to clean Jesus' feet with tears and perfume. To which side do I belong: Simon, who
thought that he did not need to be forgiven and lost the opportunity to be loved, or the woman who
knew that she is a great sinner and received the great forgiveness and is now loved? Have my sins,
that are as many as the stars in the sky, been forgiven? How can I pay back this unbearable debt of
great love?


Lord, today I want to meditate on this great love and accept you.