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Punishment for Those Who Committed Adultery


에스겔 16:35-16:52


Who is God like?
Vv. 37-39- He sends someone that will be an adversary to the adulterous housewife. Jerusalem left
God, her husband, and started flirting with foreign nations. Jerusalem started to rely on them and
serve their gods. But the means of God’s judgment will not be other people but warns that
judgment will come through their past lovers (men, nations) (v. 37). They will expose the
woman’s nudity and humiliate her in every place. This tells us that during the reign of King
Nebuchadnezzar, not just Babylon but other surrounding nations will plunder Israel. All of
Jerusalem’s riches and possessions were taken and they became as they were before. God gets
angry with those who have made a covenant with him but gave their love to someone else. As a
glorious wife we must keep our chastity towards God who is our husband.

내게 주는 교훈

What lesson is God teaching me?
Vv. 46-52- Jerusalem was more corrupt than Samaria and Sodom and rejected God’s grace. They
experienced God’s judgment and fell but compared to the sin of Judah they were more righteous.
We can hear the voice of lamentation saying that the cities that hurt God’s heart in the Old
Testament at that time did not have the same sins as Jerusalem. There are many people around us who claim to be Christian but commit more horrendous acts than nonbelievers. If we are not
awake in the world then we can easily assimilate with them and become corrupt. Even if we live
in the world we must rely on God’s help to live lives that are set apart from the world.


May I love you, oh God, you who are my husband.