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Josiah renews and fulfills the covenant


열왕기하 23:1-23:20


Who is God like?
Vv. 17, 18 The reforms of Josiah fulfilled the Word prophesied in the time of Jeroboam (1Ki 13:2). The prophecies of warning and judgment spoken in the time of King Jeroboam who carried out bad religious policies were fulfilled through Josiah. Even though hundreds of years pass by, the Word of God will be fulfilled.

내게 주는 교훈

What lesson is God teaching me?
Vv. 1-3 In the center of Josiah‟s reforms, the Book of the Law was found by the king in the temple. He gathered all people in Judah and Jerusalem, read the Word of God by himself to them and renewed the covenant. Without the Word and loving heart of God, no human attempts at reform can be successful. Pray that our individual and communitarian reforms will always be based on the Word of God.
Vv. 4-7 First of all, the reforms of Josiah were to cleanse the temple in which God dwells. He removed mixed religion, which was practiced in the name of the religion of God. In our church, do we have any areas that we compromise with contemporary culture and custom? Examine ourselves and whether we are the holy temple in which God dwells without any trouble.


Prayer Please give me the passion to be absolutely reformed based on the Word.