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Do You Believe In the Son of Man?


요한복음 9:35-9:41

오늘의 찬양

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Who is Jesus like?

Overall He is someone who gives sight to those cannot see, and blinds those who claim to have sight. Although it may seem like the blind man is thrown out of the community and into a place of darkness, but in actuality, through Jesus Christ who is the light of the world, he is in the midst of truth. Although the Pharisees are blessed and look as though they can see many things, because they do not receive Jesus Christ, the light of the world, they will always be confined to darkness and destruction. Are my eyes opened to see the light of Christ? Do I practice His will?

V. 35 He is someone who has particular concerns about the blind man who was thrown out by the Pharisees and meets with him. The Lord seeks out the souls of those who have been discarded by the world. He holds conversations with them so that they may get a taste of heaven. This same God has come today to meet with me.

Vv. 39-41 He came to judge the world. Although this might sound contrary to (3:17), which states that Jesus came to save the world, in truth it is not so. This is because God\'a1\'afs plan of redemption contains both redemption and judgment. Jesus came to judge those, who like the Pharisees, do not believe in Him, while giving salvation to those, like the former blind man, received the light of Christ. Question yourself about how Jesus, the Judge, is guiding my life today.

내게 주는 교훈

What lesson is God teaching me?

Vv. 35-38 The blind man who was healed gradually came to know Jesus and eventually offered Him the worship reserved for God. As you come to know the Load deeper, are you continuing to go before His feet in worship?


Help me clear out any portion of my life that rejects the Lord, and like the blind man, accept the Lord in my life.