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The Day of Jehovah


요엘 3:14-3:21


The Day of Jehovah
여호와의 날

Joel proclaims that the “day of the Lord” will be the Day of Judgment. However, to the people of God, it will also be the day when they will experience the final victory of God.
요엘은 ‘주님의 날’이 심판의 날이지만, 하나님의 백성들에게는 최종적인 승리를 경험하는 날이 될 것이라고 선포합니다.

Thinking & Understanding
God promises that even in the Day of Judgmenta day that will bring His wrath upon all nations and humanitythat to His people God will also be their refuge and stronghold (vv. 14-17).
On that final day, all nations that stand against Israel will become a desolate wilderness (v. 19), but Israel will overflow with milk, water, and sweet wine. God will dwell in Zion and be with the Israelites (vv. 18-21).
하나님께서 모든 나라와 민족들에게 진노를 부으시는 심판 날에도 자기 백성에게는 피난처요, 요새가 되어주실 것이라고 약속하십니다(14-17절).
마지막 날 이스라엘의 모든 대적의 땅은 황무지와 사막이 되겠지만, 이스라엘은 꿀과 젖이 흘러넘치는 땅이 될 것입니다. 이때 하나님은 시온에 거하시며 이스라엘과 함께하실 것입니다(18-21절).

What Lesson is God Teaching Me?
Spring water that will flow from the house of our mighty God will overflow even in the residences of His people. All dry things will be watered and bear all sorts of fruit (v. 18). What is “the valley of Shittim” (v. 18) in your life - where everything is parched and weary? Look forward to the grace of God that will water all things in your life, even your parched valleys.
지존하신 하나님의 처소에서부터 흘러나온 시내는 자기 백성들의 처소에까지 흘러넘쳐 모든 메마른 것들을 촉촉이 적시고 온갖 풍요로운 열매들을 맺게 할 것입니다(18절). 오늘 우리 인생의 메마르고 고달픈 ‘싯딤 골짜기’(18절)는 무엇입니까? 그 메마른 골짜기까지 촉촉하게 적실 하나님의 은혜를 기대하십시오..

Tip 1
3:17 Zion is the original stronghold; here it denotes the promise of God’s intimate residence among his people. Jerusalem shall be holy. Where God is present, all is purified and even ordinary deeds become acts of holy worship. Nothing unacceptable is found in a place of such holiness (Is 35:8 etc).

Tip 2
3:18 in that day. I.e., the day of the Lord (2:2; 3:1). a fountain…from the house of the Lord. Cf. Rev 22:1–2. Abundant waters extend even to the arid-dwelling acacia trees (Shittim). The location of this “fountain” may be Wadi en-Nar, extending from the Kidron Valley to the Dead Sea.


Prayer Let the grace of God, which fills our lives with blessings, come to our community of faith!